Join Us In Creating The Future Of Senior Living

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We are now inviting accredited investors to take part in our latest offering, an exemplary 200-unit senior living facility located on a 20-acre Campus just outside Seattle – adhering to LEED PLATINUM & CPACE-R (Energy Resilience) Sustainability Standards.

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Management Team

Alex Taranu

Managing Director

Alex has over thirty years of multi-disciplinary experience in Real Estate Development, Financial Engineering, and Structuring, RE Merchant Banking, Multi-Currency Financing, and Risk and Portfolio Management. Alex Taranu holds an MBA from the University of Miami and a BA in Financial Economics from Florida International University.

Ben Matteucci

Managing director

Ben is a co-founder and CEO of ZIMA, “a cutting edge marketing agency.” In 2020 Ben was awarded the ‘30 Under 30’ award for his success with innovative marketing strategies. Ben has a passion for developing strong and meaningful relationships and strives to help his clients leverage online platforms and groundbreaking technology to drive meaningful engagements and sales.

Brennan Zielinski

Chief Technology Officer

Brennan is an experienced Mac specialist with a demonstrated history of applying advanced technology in marketing, advertising, and production. Brennan has a skilled focus on business growth strategy, marketing, production, and leadership in engineering, project design and development, optimal building operation systems, and computer networks.

George Panarites

Manging Director, External Finance

George has forty years of experience in Real Estate Development, Real Estate Merchant Banking, Deal Structuring, Financial Syndication, and Management. George Panarites did undergraduate studies at Harvard University and graduate work at NYSE/Wharton School of Business – Institute of Investment Banking.

JJ Haberkorn

Director of Construction

JJ has thirty-five years of experience in architecture, urban and regional planning, designing, and construction project management including sustainability of construction materials and systems. JJ served as the South American Ambassador for the International Energy Green Council. Mr. Haberkorn has a BA in Architecture and a Masters’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida.

Marilee Smith

Project Manager

An experienced finance manager, Marilee has a demonstrated history of working with many types of financial instruments, both ‘conventional’ and ‘alternative,’ ranging from construction and mortgage loans to asset-based private funding. Marilee has strong negotiating, sales, and networking skills.

Devin Longmore

Logistics Coordinator

A lifetime entrepreneur, Devin has created and developed businesses across many industries for over 35 years. For the last 14 years, Devin has been a managing partner & director of operations for a sustainable company in the textiles and overstock industry. As a Certified Appraiser, Devin brings hands-on knowledge to the pre-development phase of land and property valuation.

Facility Administration

Mark C. Lichtenwalner

AgeWell Living

David M. Mills

AgeWell Living

Lawrence L. Landry

AgeWell Living

Board Of Advisors

Diane Downs

Media & Stakeholder analysis, SoFi

Phillip Cousins

Systems Design & Project Analysis

Amanda Cousins

Stakeholder Media Presence Director, SoFi Services

Bernardo D. Cardoso

Founder & Director of Commercial Operations, Real Estate Commercial & Lending Development

Bruce Gray

CEO, Northwest Regional Primary Care Association

H. Graham Fitch, Esq.

Former General Counsel & Vice President, Swedish Hospital Medical Center